The monthly Home Meetings take place at the Innova Park building in Benalmádena at 11.00 for 11.15am

The Home Meetings are on Wednesday's. The next one is on Wednesday 5th December 2018

The monthly themes for year 2018

January. - Tranquility. - Closing date - 9th January Home Meeting

February. - Reflections. - Closing date - 6th February Home Meeting

March. - Primary Colours. - Closing date 13th March Home Meeting

April. - Doors. - Closing date -3rd April Home Meeting

May - Sorrow - Closing date- 1st May Home Meeting

June - Old Age - Closing date- 5th June Home Meeting

September - Dusk/Dawn - Closing Date 4th September

October - City Life - Closing Date 2nd October Home Meeting

November - Texture - Closing Date 6th November Home Meeting

December - Night - Closing date 4th December Home Meeting