Frequently asked questions about the Costa del Sol Photographic Society.
I'm a complete beginner and wish to take up photography as a hobby. Is the Society for me?

Everybody has to start somewhere. The Society organises workshops to cover everything from advice on purchasing equipment to the basic techniques.

I'm on holiday in the area for a fortnight, could I attend?

If a meeting is scheduled during your stay, you would be very welcome. In addition, if you become a full member, you will be able to email your photos for our competitions and exhibitions. Full membership does not rely on you being resident in Spain.

I'm a Professional Photographer. Would I be allowed to join?

Many of our members produce photographs to a professional standard. However, there can be no monetary gain for any of our members as our Society is registered in Spain as a non profit making organisation. All exhibitions are funded by the Society and any gain is retained by the Society for the benefit of the members and not individuals.

If one of your shoots involves travelling and possibly an overnight stay, could I bring my partner who is a non photographer?

Yes, friends or partners are always welcome to attend. In addition, social events are organised on a regular basis.

How can I improve my skills on a shoot?

Our members work in small groups when on a shoot. Each group has an experienced photographer who is able to help those who wish to learn. However, this process does work both ways.

Is the Society open to everybody or does it tend to be male dominated?

The Society is open to all nationalities and our lady members are equal in number to the men and on occasions are greater in number. The Society is not typical of many.

Can I talk to someone with extra questions I may have?

You most certainly can by email or phone - details on the Contact page.