Monthly competitions

We provide a platform for members to exhibit their work by way of monthly competitions. Members may submit 1 monthly project photo, 1 photo from the previous shoot when applicable and a general category photo. The results will be announced at the following meeting and the winning photos will be published here.
These are the guidelines when submitting photographs to the competitions:
  • You must be a member of the club
  • Photos must all be your own work
  • Photos may be straight out of camera or edited/enhanced in Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, Fotor, etc.
  • You give consent to your photo being published on the club's website if it wins
  • Frames, titles etc. are permissible
  • Collages or mosaics are NOT permissible

Email your entries to:
  • Name your entries/files with the category name and your membership number like this: general1234, shoot1234, theme1234
  • Photos must be in .jpg format and full size

About the judging
The result of the monthly competitions are presented at the home meeting. The judge will use the below template as the base for his/hers judgement.
  • Creative input: imagination, originality, interpretation.
  • Technique: focus, exposure, angle, etc.
  • Composition: placement, lead-in lines, cropping.
  • Post production: size, solution, editing, borders, etc.