how to prepare images for the web

Members of the Costa del Sol Photographic Society are welcome you have a gallery on the website. Here are some instructions for you how to prepare your images.
General instructions
Resize the image to a max width of 750 px and max file size 400Kb.
Images should be compressed to around 80 % (sometimes called Good).
Image mode should always be RGB
Images should be jpeg format and saved at 72 dpi.

Photo editing tools
Programmes to prepare your images for the web could be Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, or a free ressource like Gimp. You may be interested in reading this article that list the 10 best free photo editing software.

If you are not into photo editing tools
but use Picasa, then there are few things that you could do to prepare your images.
Open the original image in there, select Export to Folder from the File tab at the top left corner. Set the image size to 750 and the quality to Custom 85.
Select the folder you want to save the images in.

Naming the image files
Usually the images from your camera has a number like DSC_0115.jpeg. If you want to give it another more descriptive name, for example: pampaneira_chimneys.jpg. If the file is named like that, the title of the image will then be Pampaneira Chimeys. In case you have additional information about your image that you want to accompany it below the title you will have to e-mail this text apart.

Emailing the image files
If you are using Google Gmail and you want to send the images to webmaster, you compose the mail and choose the photo icon that pops up next to the send botton and browse to find the folder where your saved images are and select the ones you want to send. The images in the mail should have the original size (which is now 750). Hit the Send botton.