Workshops Extra

The workshop Extra Group has been formed for the benefit of all Society members, most of whom, enjoy their photography, may have attended the Regular Workshop meetings, Home Meetings, Field trips, and wish to extend their knowledge of specific subjects within the digital photographic world we all live in.
THE GROUP - Firstly, the Group in not an elite group of experienced photographers, and will always welcome members with limited knowledge and experience of photography and its digital applications. We all have our photographic preferences in the areas we choose to concentrate on, be it Landscape, Portrait, Macro, Table Top, Night Scenes, etc, or just a good general knowledge of all.

SUPPORT - Attendees who have many years experience in specific areas, be it computer skills or photographic software applications, will always be more than pleased to provide participants with one to one tuition and assistance, and can provide written tutorial support for individuals.

AGENDA - The Group will concentrate on individuals needs, which will be determined during, and at the culmination of each meeting, and allow preparation of subject matter for the next meeting or earlier electronic transmission to individuals.

GENERAL - The Society, and the Workshop Extra Group in particular, recognises that not all members have the inclination, time or interest to be deeply involved in the technical side of photography.

WHEN AND WHERE - Meetings are scheduled to take place every second Friday at the Myramar Complex in Benalmadena.

The Group however, will undoubtedly arouse your curiosity - it’s like learning to walk or swim. Once you try it and do it, it comes naturally.